Are you sure you know who’s calling?

Article Posted on 10/09/2019

Recently a client left his Ipad at a condo while on vacation.  Ironically while trying to arrange for the Ipad to be sent back to him, he received a call from Apple.  The person on the line told him that his Apple account showed suspicious activity in Nigeria and that he needed to change his password.  This seemed probable considering he had left his Ipad in a stranger’s possession.  He was getting ready to change his password over the phone when his wife stopped him and made him hang up the phone.  The phone number was programmed into his phone as Apple, so it must be Apple right?  WRONG!  His wife had him call back to Apple to find out if it was them and it most certainly was not.  His Ipad was still locked and offline, his Apple ID had not been compromised.

You should never ever receive phone calls requesting you to change your password for anything.  You should always be suspicious of anyone calling you for this purpose.  Scammers are getting more and more sophisticated, the calls appear to be coming from a trusted source.  If you ever have a question, hang up and call back using the known phone number to the source.  It is likely it wasn’t them to begin with.

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