Volunteer Fire Departments Take Note

Article Posted on 11/07/2019

Changes to the Volunteer Emergency Responders Incentive Act   (LB 222 — Operative January 1, 2020)

LB 222 amends the responsibilities of the volunteer department's certification administrator:

  • No later than July 15, the certification administrator is required to notify each volunteer member of the total points they accumulated during the first six months of the current calendar year of service.
  • No later than February 1, the certification administrator will provide each volunteer member a written certification of the total number of points accumulated by the volunteer member during the immediately prior calendar year of service and if the volunteer qualified as an active emergency responder, active rescue squad member, or active volunteer fire fighter.
  • No later than February 15 following the year of qualification, the certification administrator must file a completed annual certification list with DOR and its volunteer department's governing body.
  • Copies may be sent to DOR electronically or by mail.




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