Recruiting New Team Members. . . EVERYONE Makes an Impact.

Article Posted on 12/30/2019

When the time comes to grow the team where do you start?

Unfortunately, there is no perfect answer, search engine, job fair, posting, referral or process.  The great news though is the current members of your team are your best recruiters!

Every interaction your current team has with clients, family, friends, neighbors and community members is sharing the story of your business.  Trust that the culture created, and the value brought to clients, inspires them to share their love and gratitude about their experience as part of the team.

A contact made today may not bear fruit for weeks, months, or years, but be assured that others will want to experience the joy they see from being part of your team!  They hear the stories your success, and they experience the authenticity of your team members in their daily interactions.

Don’t assume or try to predict the perfect timing to approach a great prospect.  When looking to grow reach out to those who you think would be an asset to your team and culture.  Even though the timing may not be right, you have planted the seed for future conversations.  People's lives change!  Be the team they want to be a part of! 

Each member of your team is unique.  Encourage them to identify individuals who would be an asset to your team.  You never know when the timing will be perfect.

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