You Decide How Your Day Will Go

Article Posted on 01/15/2020

My day starts out the same every day.  I get up early to workout and then get ready for work.  Sometimes I don't want to get up but I know I feel better and have more energy if I follow my normal routine.  I don't feel quite so bad about that afternoon handful of M&Ms at the office if I've done my morning workout. 

 The truth is that my family also contributes to how my day starts.  As many of you probably can relate my daughters' & husbands moods also dictates my feelings.  The whining about what to wear or what to eat for breakfast can take its toll.   I make it a goal to smile and say I love you to my beautiful daughters and my amazing husband every single day- even on those days when I'm annoyed. By the end of the day they will have forgotten the argument about what type of cereal to eat or why there aren't any clothes clean.  They won't forget the I love you.  Somedays I feel like if I survive school drop off I'll have it made.  Anyone else feel this way?

 I've started almost a second "morning ritual" when those things out of my control start to mess with my mood.  You see school drop off to the office is a matter of a couple minutes for me but I use that time to tell myself it's going to be an awesome day. 

 Imagine the impression I'd make on my coworkers if I carried on the bad attitude I experienced during my preparation for the day….    Choosing to make the day positive is so much about what you decide! 

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