Cyber Security

Article Posted on 02/06/2020

It is important to take cyber security seriously. This time of year, we are requesting a lot of information from our clients, and we want to be sure we are providing the information needed to help your information stay safe. While it is tempting to simply type an answer in the body of an email, attach a PDF, or take a photo and text/email it you should think twice. If you’re transferring sensitive information (such as a social security number) you should always send it using a secure option. Here at Kopsa Otte we have the following options for you:

  1. You can upload a file using our website, in the top right-hand corner there is a “file upload” button. You can use this option from your computer or on a mobile device.
  2. You can contact our office and be signed up for Tax Caddy if you aren’t already. This secure option allows you to upload your tax documents by taking a picture on your phone or scanning to a computer.

For your protection any sensitive information sent to you from our office will be sent to you through a secure option such as a Citrix Attachment, ShareFile, or through Safe Send Returns.

Let’s have a cyber safe tax season! Here are some solutions to the methods you may have used in the past:

  • When replying to an email with sensitive information - type that information into a word document and send that document through the “file upload” tab on our website.
  • When taking pictures of sensitive information on your cell phone – visit our mobile friendly website, in the top right-hand corner you will see a “NAV”, click here for a drop-down menu that gives you the option of “file upload”. This will allow you to search your camera roll on your phone and upload accordingly.
  • When attaching a document to an email – use the website instead. You can always email your accountant and let them know it’s on the way without including the sensitive information!
  • Contact our office about Tax Caddy and utilize this website/app to keep all our tax documents in one place.

If you are sending or receiving documents from someone else, you should ask what options they have for a secure transfer.

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